Dubai Marina-Jack sparrow dinner cruise with live entertainment




Jack Sparrow, the largest and most luxurious cruise ship in the marina. Indulge in a lavish dinner buffet experience like no other as you set sail on the shimmering waters. Feast on an array of delectable dishes meticulously prepared by our world-class chefs, offering flavors from around the globe. Whether you’re craving succulent seafood, mouthwatering meats, or exquisite vegetarian options, our buffet has something to tantalize every palate. Enjoy the stunning views of the coastline as you dine in style, surrounded by the opulent ambiance of the Dubai Marina-Jack sparrow dinner cruise with live entertainment. Join us for an evening of gourmet delights and unparalleled elegance on the high seas.



  •  2 hours cruising time
  •  Soft drinks and ice cubes
  •  Bottled drinking water
  •  Music onboard
  •  Live Entertainment Shows
  •  Dinner Buffet
  •  Transport to the meeting point