Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Daycation Tour is committed to protecting the privacy and the personal information of the clients. This privacy policy describes how we maintain the personal information that we received from you, you.

What Information Do We Get From the Clients?

  • We need to collect personal information about the clients to offer them better services. All the information that is collected will be kept secured to keep the client’s trust.
  • When you register over the site, you will be requested to share your personal information like your name, contact, address and city, email, age and date of birth, credit card number, etc.
  • We also collect information about IP addresses and website usage information that is used to provide better website browsing and experience with services.

How is this Information Used?

The information collected might be used for the following;

  • To provide travel services in an efficient way
  • To send you email notifications about upcoming offers and services
  • To develop features and services to suit the clients
  • To gain feedback from the clients once they utilize the service
  • To develop personalize content for the visitors

How Do We Secure the Information?

There is always thought and concern at the back of a mind when a company asks for personal information from a client. We are aware that such concerns might affect your decision-making ability, which is why this part of the privacy policy shows how we secure your information.

Your information is securely saved in our computer system and electronic databases, etc, which are secured with a malware protection system. Our physical premises are limited to employees only, and electronic access is given to employees concerned with it. We have data security products that are maintained and updated every now and then to provide major security to our clients.

Comments and Questions

If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you very soon.