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Traveling To Dubai During COVID? Know This!

People come to Dubai to experience something new, something exciting, something that the rest of the countries might not have. These are; glossy beaches, safaris, deserts, modern architecture, and the best hotels and restaurants in the world. Dubai has been topping the top travel destination list for two years now. So, if you also want to visit Dubai and experience the magic that we all have been hearing of, then there are a few things that you might need answers of during the pandemic. Traveling To Dubai During COVID is safe.

Is It Safe to Travel During COVID?

Traveling To Dubai During COVID is a safe place to go as long as you have proof that you are vaccinated or have a negative COVID Test. 

Is There Any Red List Country?

There is no “red list” country for travel to Dubai. Anyone who is normally permitted to travel to UAE can visit Dubai.

Are There Any Restrictions?

All the passengers traveling to Dubai need to abide by the following rules;

  • You need to have a valid vaccination certificate with a QR code to ensure that the passenger is fully vaccinated. 
  • You need to have a negative COVID PCR test certificate issued within 48 hours and approved by the health service provider. 
  • You may be asked to undergo a PCR test on arrival in Dubai and if needed, maybe requested to self-quarantine for some time.