Terms and Conditions

In this section of the website, you will find the terms and conditions that bound the contract between you and the company. Please read them carefully if you want to know the details in easy terms. 

We are Daycation Tour, based in Dubai. We are a tour organizer responsible for arranging magnificent day trips for our clients. We want to make your traveling experience fun and memorable for you. So, if you wish to continue with getting our services, read below the terms and conditions which will be applicable to you once you book the trip. 

Booking the Trip

You will follow a procedure to fill out the form, where you will be asked to enter your preferences and other details about yourself. Once you fill out the necessary fields, you will be directed to fill out the payment details. Once you are done with it, your trip will be booked. Your trip will be treated as a contract between you and the company. For assurance, you will be sent an invoice that details all the payments you have made. 

Contact us immediately, if any information is wrong or the documentation appears to be incomplete or incorrect. 

Payment Details

The bookings will be canceled if the company does not receive the payment within a specific time period. The company has the right to cancel any customer who delays the payment for any reason. 

The company charges for all the facilities and requirements needed for the trip, like accommodations, administration, staff, etc. The customer is responsible for taking care of expenses like vaccination, travel insurance, personal equipment, etc. 

Refund Policy

A refund will only be payable if, for any reason, unforeseen circumstances occur, which does not allow for travel. If you need additional information, contact us, so we can fully understand you and answer accordingly. 

Health Insurance

We do not require any activity that is dangerous for tourists in any way. Note that, most of our trips do not need the use of any material or activity that can cause an accident. So, the tourist is mostly responsible for covering the medical cost, if anything goes wrong. 

Cancellation or Changing in Booking

The customer must notify the company of the cancellation of the trip as soon as possible. Depending on the reason for canceling the trip, the customer may be able to reclaim the charges paid for the trip. The same is the case with changing the booking, the company must be notified beforehand to work on the booking services.