Refund Policy

For travel companies, the rule for cancellation bookings and refunds is a little different. That is why; we have prepared this section to answer the concerns regarding the refund policy for Daycation Tour. 

We are a tour business based in Dubai, which is responsible for planning the most memorable tours for our clients. If you are thinking of availing our services but are skeptical about the refund policy, if anything goes wrong, then this is the right section for you. 

Refund Policy for Daycation Tour

If you have booked a tour with us, but wish to cancel it due to personal reasons, then we shall not be responsible for any refund. However, if unforeseen circumstances occur, like, the number of participants, cancellation of hoteliers, travel hosts, etc, then the case is different. The company shall refund the payment in full, depending on the situation. Keep in mind that the process might take longer than your expectations. It might take up to 45 days to process the refund, if due. 

What If You Don’t Avail the Services?

Note that, the refund shall not be given if the client does not avail of the full services planned in the tour, for example, rides, sightseeing, cruises, entrance fee, etc. 

Cancellation of Order

If you want to cancel the order after booking the tour and making the payment, the refund shall be given after the cancellation and bank charges. This process might take three to six weeks, depending on the case. 

Conditions of Travel

  • The client will have to follow all the rules set before the tour. They will not be given a refund if they join the trip amidst the tour or by the end of it. The company is not responsible for the refund if the tourist does not avail of the full services.
  • In case the tourist decides to leave the tour due to any reason, like illness, death, loss of documents, or baggage, the company is not responsible for giving the refund. 
  • The company is allowed to withdraw any client whose behavior affects the tour or passengers. No refund shall be given in such cases. 

If you want more information or have additional questions, contact us. We will be glad to assist you.