Travel Tips things to remember when travelling to Dubai.

Traveling To Dubai

The most beautiful city in UAE is Dubai, which has the world’s tallest building named the Burj Khalifa. It also has the world’s only seven-star hotel, named Burj-Al-Arab. Not only that, but Dubai is also still expanding to become one of the most beautiful architectural cities in the world, known for its rich cultural diversity and popular festivals. However, Dubai is much more than its skyscrapers and fancy malls. Planning a trip to the Middle East and feeling a little nervous? No worries! Here are a few travel tips to make sure your visit to the Gulf city is one you’ll cherish forever:

Travel tips when travelling to Dubai:

So, with a lot to say we guess it’s time for you to know what you should keep in mind while visiting Dubai. With so much to do and experience, our Dubai Travel Tips guide will ensure you don’t miss out on essential travel tips and tricks for a memorable vacation.

  • When to visit?
  • What To pack?
  • Essential documents and currency
  • Health and Safety
  • Arriving In Dubai
  • Getting Around in Dubai
  • Travel Tips for Shopaholics
  • Dubai Food and Nightlife
  • Useful Arabic phrases
  • Drugs and Medication
  • Tick the Tip?

When to visit?

One of the most important Dubai travel tips anyone can give you is to check the weather when you’re planning your trip.

Best time:

The best time to visit Dubai is between November and March when the temperature ranges between 30oC to 12oC, and the weather is comfortable. Moreover, Dubai Shopping Festival is held in December, which is exquisite, and you get every product from brands worldwide.


However, it is best to avoid visiting in February due to heavy rainfall during this month.

Extreme Conditions:

Visiting Dubai in the months of April-October will be an ill-advised decision as the hot and humid weather will make it almost impossible to go out and you will be stuck in air-conditioned malls and fancy spas.

What To pack?

For your luggage, don’t forget to pack big bottles of sunscreen, whatever you forget. Dubai weather is unforgiving, and it is recommended to wear sunscreen with the highest SPF formula you can find. Carry deodorant and body/face wipes, sunglasses, hats, water bottles, and mosquito repellent.

Essential documents and currency:

This is the essential part. Keep your original documents locked in your hotel room and double-check and triple-check your documents. Make photocopies and keep them with you. Be sure to check with your local embassy for visa requirements that are subject to change. This is one of the highlights of travel tips to Dubai.

The currency in Dubai is AED, normally called Dirham. You can carry a few dirhams per head for taxi and food expenses at the airport. You can also carry an international debit/credit card and withdraw AED from ATMs.

Health and Safety:

Dubai is one of the safest places with a shallow crime rate so you can rest sure of your safety while travelling in the city. And a travel tip for a Dubai is to take basic safety measures like keeping your original documents in the hotel locker and carrying photocopies of all necessary documents. With strong attention to hygiene and cleanliness, there are no health risks in Dubai, and you can be certain of a safe and healthy experience in the city.

Arriving In Dubai:

One of the busiest airports in the world is the Dubai International Airport So it’s best to have a fair idea of ​​what to expect once you land there. The airport has three terminals for international arrivals. Once you clear your baggage, immigration and inside security screening you need to choose the mode of transport to reach your hotel. You should note that there is a limit to the amount of alcohol or tobacco products that can be brought into Dubai, which will be scanned through customs.

There are three options to get to the city centre from the airport or hotel. You must purchase a smart travel card called NOL at the airport for payment for all three modes and cash is not accepted. One of the most important travel tips one can give when travelling to Dubai is that the Dubai Metro is a fast, convenient and inexpensive way to reach your destination. This is a hassle-free option with a 4-minute frequency and terminals near major hotels. Remember that only 2 pieces of luggage per passenger are allowed on the metro.

Getting Around in Dubai:

Hiring a taxi is the best way to travel within the city. Useful travel tips for Dubai is to carry a city map and your destination’s address with you since not all taxi drivers are locals. Although not advisable, if you still rent a car, be aware of unpredictable driving behaviour and make sure you stay within the speed limit. Women drivers should be especially careful not to attract too much attention by overtaking etc.

Travel Tips for Shopaholics:

Shopping at one of the world’s top shopping destinations is one of the simplest but most important travel tips. Look at more! For the best deals in Dubai, plan your trip during the Dubai Shopping Festival happens in January or Dubai Summer Surprises happens in July to take advantage of the heftiest discounts. International shopping brands are not tax-free, so they usually cost more than they do in their countries.

Karama is a great place to buy souvenirs and novelty items to take back home. Try to buy the items from the same store to get good deals and discounts. While shopping for gold in Dubai Gold Souk, compare prices at different stores and then bargain for the best price. Payments by credit card arose additional costs. The annual Gulf Information Technology Exhibition is the best place to buy electronic products at highly discounted prices as well as freebies on offer.

Dubai Food and Nightlife:

Dubai’s nightlife is not much talked about, but it is fantastic! With a great selection of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to lounge and party. Although the minimum age to purchase alcohol in bars and clubs is 21, some places may deny entry to anyone under 25. You can’t party until 3:00 AM because all nightclubs close at that time.

Dinner cruises are a great way to eat and drink with amazing views of the marina. Not only that, but the street food in Dubai is also mouthwatering and delicious and you must try it! Dubai also has many food festivals throughout the year, and you should not miss them which are probably the best travel tips anyone can give you.

Useful Arabic phrases:

One of the most essential travel tips that anyone can give you is to know the basics of Arabic. It’s okay if you’re not fluent but knowing the basics will help you communicate and make you and the people around you more comfortable.

  • Afwan means Excuse Me, Sorry
  • Marhaba means Hello
  • Naam means Yes
  • La means No
  • Shukrun means Thank you

Drugs and Medication:

Drugs are strictly prohibited, and Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy against the use of drugs. If you are taking medication with you do not, I repeat, do not forget your method. It is safer to carry only this amount for the duration of your stay. Also, note that poppy seeds are banned in the UAE as they are a source of opium.

Tick the Tip?

Although tipping is not customary in Dubai, it is a personal preference and common practice. Restaurants usually add a tip to your bill while you don’t need to tip a taxi driver. However, you can do this with a baggage carrier or even your hotel bellboy for their services. It will get you a smile.

Dubai is a foodie heaven:

The best part apart from shopping in Dubai is the food. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for traditional cuisine from around the world at Global Village, an expensive and fancy restaurant, or mouth-watering street foods, Dubai is a foodie’s paradise. If you love vegetarian food then choices may be limited, but if you love non-veg then the streets of Dubai are your place. It ranges from local delicacies to the best shawarma to traditional food from different countries including India, Lebanon etc. to the best-grilled chicken from KFC. Don’t worry about the hygiene factor. Emiratis as well as people living in Dubai take great pride in creating a healthy and safe environment.

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