Hidden Gems that need to be visited in Dubai.

Places to visit in Dubai

Dubai is a major tourist destination for those who want to see the world’s biggest, tallest and richest. Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world. The tallest building in the world is named Burj Khalifa. Some of the richest millionaires head to Dubai to soak up the sun and stockpile their gold and perfume. There is a lot more to Dubai than this, therefore for those who wish to explore its historical, residential, and occasionally gritty areas, list of some hidden gems that need to be visited in Dubai:

  • Al Qudra Lake
  • Al Bastakiya
  • Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Coffee Museum
  • Wafi Light and Sound Show
  • Love Lake
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk
  • The Farm
  • Cinema Akil
  • Moon Island
  • Souq Naif
  • Mirdif City Centre
  • Dubai Desert Conservation Centre
  • Dubai Museum
  • Dubai Creek

Al Qudra Lake:

Imagine yourself with your partner at a peaceful and calming scenic view of the outskirt of the lake. Sounds fascinating to you? Well, Al Qudra lake is such a place, the most underrated yet peaceful hidden gems in Dubai, which is a collection of lakes in the mid of the desert. This man-made lake is a part of the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve and is in the mid of the Seih Al Salam Desert.

It offers a beautiful getaway for people during the weekend as they enjoy nature, spotting desert foxes, Arabian gazelles, and numerous species of birds. The lake used to be a popular barbeque spot, but not anymore. However, people come here to soak in the beauty of the vast dunes, host picnics and enjoy the desert sunsets.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary:

Protected and monitored by Dubai Municipality, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Dubai’s hidden gems which allows nature lovers and visitors to appreciate birds in their natural habitat. It is far away from the bustling city but serves as a breeding ground for fish, mammals, and crustaceans.

The flamingos that may be seen here during the winter are the one item that will most impress you, though. If you look closely, you might also see colourful osprey species, sandpipers, cormorants, reef herons, great egrets, and grey herons.

Al Bastakiya:

Al Fahidi’s historic district is called Al Bastakiya, and it’s one of the most charming and glittering hidden gems in Dubai. Built in the 1800s for Persian immigrants from the city of Bastak, this district is a great way to learn about old Dubai and the Emirati way of life.

Suppose you want to put aside the modernity of Dubai and get a deeper insight into the city’s cultural heritage. In that case, you must walk through the narrow streets of Al Bastakiya, and see the old buildings and beautiful wind towers.

Coffee Museum:

Located in Bur Dubai’s Al Fahidi neighbourhood, the Coffee Museum is everything a coffee lover could dream of. This whimsical museum is a paradise for coffee lovers and showcases the journey of coffee beans from around the world.

You’ll be greeted with popcorn and a hot cup of freshly brewed java when you arrive. During your exploration, you can gather deep insights into the importance of coffee, its equipment, and preparations like grinding and roasting, in addition to tasting some aromatic coffee from the brew bar.

Wafi Light and Sound Show:

One of the most spectacular and underrated places to visit in Dubai must be the light and sound show that showcases a magnificent symphony of sound and light in the pyramid building. It takes place in the winter. This special effect offers a wonderful blend of music, stories and history. The show runs in the month of October when the outdoor environment creates an unforgettable spectacle and experience for the audience.

Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk:

If you want to take a walk, dine, and shop by the sea, then the popular Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk is for you. This place is also a hidden gems in Dubai. This beachfront boulevard is a buzzing destination and offers you the opportunity to satisfy your retail desires. That’s because the place is packed with a wide selection of craft, home, and fashion boutiques. You can explore stalls selling home goods, food items and jewellery, besides enjoying a hearty dinner here.

Love Lake:

Love Lake Dubai, which opened in November 2018, gained popularity after an Instagram post by Dubai’s Crown Prince and Chairman of the Executive Council. It consists of two large heart-shaped lakes. This place is also a hidden gem in Dubai. This lake is so big that you can see it from space! The Love Lake at Al Qadra Oasis offers not only views of hearts but also plants and flowers that represent the concept of love. Even though it is a popular family destination, it is also a perfect romantic getaway in Dubai. The orange sky at sunset is something that will never be missed here!

The Farm:

Dubai offers everything, from trees to snow! You won’t ever leave Europe’s vast green fields once you get to The Farm. This is because the Al Bari floral paradise fulfils its promise to provide a serene and green backdrop. This place is a hidden gem for those who love food. The Farm is a centre for food located on a property featuring lakes, gardens, and canals. This eco-friendly project offers you a great secret location away from the city’s problems and the tastiest food.

Cinema Akil:

Audiences in the UAE can watch critically acclaimed films from all over the world at Cinema Akil, which is situated on Alserkal Avenue Al Quoz. This theatre, Akil, offers a venue devoted to promoting and exhibiting cinematic arts, so if you love movies and are a movie nut, you should go.

Moon Island:

Moon Island offers a pleasant refuge from the hectic pace of the city and is located about 70 kilometres from Dubai Beach. This vacation spot got the nickname Moon Island because of its remarkable crescent-moon shape in addition to being a hidden gem.

A wide range of watersports is available on Moon Island. You can enjoy jet skiing while taking advantage of the strong winds. You might think about going on a boat vacation with your family if you want something more laid back. Moon Island is a wonderful location to go snorkelling in the ocean’s pristine waters and learn about the diverse marine life that lives there. Along with fishing, you may take a nice yacht trip around the island.

Souq Naif:

While many tourists head to the Gold or Spice Souqs to shop in Dubai, Souq Naif is a bazaar which is a hidden gem for the adventurous tourist. From glittering Arabic-inspired dresses to Persian carpets, from local sweets and dates to Indian snack shops, this huge souk will give you a glimpse of local market life for Dubai residents.

Mirdif City Centre:

Meredith city centre is tiny in front of the massive Dubai Mall, but this shopping centre is also one of those hidden gems that all travellers should stop by! It has a friendly, family atmosphere, and is the perfect spot for local Emirati families and people watching Dubai’s Arab residents shopping. Meredith City Center also has many brand shops, cafes, restaurants, and tourist shops to satisfy all your shopping needs!

Dubai Desert Conservation Centre:

A trip to Dubai isn’t complete without a desert excursion but choosing which tour or experience to pay for can be difficult. Instead of paying for a tourist trap trip, why not support the Dubai Desert Conservation Centre, which aims to provide awareness of the desert’s native wildlife as well as experience the emirate’s authentic desert and culture? To provide guided tours in the desert. You’ll be able to ride camels, catch falcons, and even spend a night in the desert while learning about Dubai’s traditional ecosystem.

Dubai Museum:

While many tourists see Dubai as a modern and futuristic city for the most globalized citizens, many forget that Dubai has a historic and traditional past that all Emiratis must protect and treasure. Feel proud. Instead of getting caught up in the materialistic aspects of the city, why not stop by the Dubai Museum in the ancient Al Fahidi Fort for an educational experience this place is a hidden gem for history lovers, learning about Emirati Bedouin life and traditional local culture. You won’t regret this experience and you’ll leave with a whole new appreciation for Dubai’s history!

Dubai Creek:

Known as the old quarter of Dubai, many tourists avoid Dubai Creek because of the dirty and grim image of the area. However, it is worth it for travellers who want to experience what Dubai looked like before the modern skyscrapers and malls. You can walk through traditional souqs, take a small dhow ride across the river (a traditional boat used by pearl divers and fishermen more than a century ago), and pass traditional houses. which are still standing to keep the memory of old Dubai alive.

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