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An ultimate tourist hub, Dubai, has gained a great amount of popularity and a lot of tourists are doing this tour since the 21st century. To attract 25 million visitors by 2025, the city has implemented an ambitious tourism strategy. How is it achieving this? Well, Dubai is attracting tourists with its fantastic tourist attractions, mind-blowing skyscrapers, futuristic architecture, eye-catching and breathtaking views, unrivalled adventurous activities, and mixed world culture. Dubai has earned a great reputation by becoming a global destination for innovation, technology, and tourism. You can scuba diving in a huge tank at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo or enjoy skiing even in the summer at the indoor snow park Ski Dubai or ski in the dunes, take a cruise trip on a traditional dhow or a modern yacht, and many more adventurous activities. Lots of people are finding places to get a unique and amazing experience. So, here’s our list of some activities to do in Dubai which can give you an unforgettable experience.

Hot-Air Balloon Ride:

You might be quite familiar with the hot-air balloon ride. And some of you might even have a chance to ride in it. So, you must be thinking what makes it so unique? Well, imagine it like this, you are with your partner, and at the time of when the sun is about to set. You are with your partner up in the sky. And from that point, watch the sunset from there, together. How amazing and romantic it would be. All there would be a beautiful scenic view of the sunset in the calmness of the desert. That beautiful view will refresh you and your partner’s soul. Even if you are with family or friends, the view from that perspective will be unique and mind-refreshing. You can contact us if you want a ride in it. We will provide affordable rates to you.

Jet ski Ride:

Are you also a speed lover? Did you ever cut the tides with a high-speed jet ski? Want to experience it? Satisfy your hunger for speed with a high-powered jet ski. In Dubai, you can experience the thrill of riding while experiencing the beautiful view of it. This is the best option for those who are looking for an amazing adventure. You can ride this while enjoying the view of Burj-al-Arab, in the Dubai Marina surrounded by marvellous skyscrapers, or in the greatest masterpiece of architecture Palm Jumeirah. Whether you choose a ride for 30 minutes or more than an hour – you will be amazed at this thrilling and adventurous ride with a breathtaking view of Dubai. Our experts will provide you with affordable water sports activities if you contact us today.

Desert Safari:

Looking for something exhilarating, something adventurous you can’t find at home? Look no further. Take yourself on an adventure by going on a desert safari. Cruise through the desert dunes in a 4×4, a camel or a dune buggy (depending on the tour you booked) and roar up and down at top speed. You will enjoy this bumpy and thrilling ride while slipping and skidding through the desert. This is the best tour in Dubai for those who are looking for an adventure. This will include:

Dune Bashing:

Dune bashing means driving across the dunes at an increasing and decreasing speed including lots of bumps and screams of joy. Deserts keep shape-shifting – it requires professional driving skills and a special type of car like a 4×4. Different tour agencies have different packages, some give an hour of adventure, and some give more than that. It depends on the tour company from which you bought the package. If you want the thrill, feel free to contact us.

Camel Ride:

After the thrilling and bumpy ride, what can make you feel better? A camel ride across the calm desert. After all, Dubai is a desert oasis, so why not embrace its roots? When people visit Dubai, they put this into their consideration. If you’ve never ridden a camel, now is your chance. After the adventurous ride and a lot of shouting, relax yourselves while enjoying the beautiful and eye-catching scenic view of the desert. Many tours combine this with some adventure such as dune bashing, quad biking, etc. Because this much adventure can drain your energy and make you tired. As for refreshments, this makes a perfect combo for it.

Dinner and other services:

On this tour, after a long day of adventure, many tour company provides other kinds of refreshing and calming services such as henna painting, BBQ dinner, belly dancing, etc. Most tourism agencies provide these after the camel ride. Because of the whole tiring day, this is the best way to replenish your strength and make your day more memorable. Enjoy dinner under the sky and watch the traditional belly dance and be amazed by the beautiful henna art. Different tour agencies provide different services but we provide all this in one Desert Safari Tour. To know about the tour, feel free to contact us.

Caravanserai Camp:

While on a Dubai tour, explore the Dubai desert’s most amazing place, Caravanserai Camp. This is a hub of famous cultural activities from the Arabs. Here you can also feast on the cuisine in a Bedouin Camp. A brief history of the Caravanserai Camp is that it was a small settlement built in the deserts for the traders and the travellers so they can rest. When they were on a long journey, they use it to replenish their strength and trade with other people. Now, it is currently used as a tourist attraction. A unique twist is that now they are recreated with a modern-luxury twist. Enjoy the beautiful and memorable experience with traditional Arabian activities like henna art, camel ride, falcon show, acrobatic fire show, tanoura music and a combination of the desert’s calmness under the open sky. To enjoy this tour, try contacting us. We offer our visitors authentic Arabian hospitality, tradition, and cultural experience in a tranquil setting inside the natural reserve with a variety of venues and dining options available inside the camp.

Dhow Cruise:

Dhow cruises are for those tourists who want to relax and have fun at the same time. These ships are based on traditional dhow ships. It’s a great way to experience the ancient maritime heritage of Dubai. A Dhow cruise tour is gaining popularity among tourists as it connects with the ancient side of Dubai. Tour agencies combine this with mouth-watering buffet dinners to make it a remarkable experience. Discover the charms of Old Dubai’s Bur Dubai and Deira neighbourhoods while dining aboard a traditional wooden dhow. This tour includes a 2-hour cruise, a 3-star international buffet dinner and many more. Experience the beautiful view of Dubai as the city’s lights shimmer over the water with us.

Luxury Yacht:

Dubai is all about luxuries. Same as it is known for its innovation and futuristic architecture, it is also known for its luxurious lifestyle. From clothes to yachts –you will see a city full of luxuries. Because of this factor, it is also called “The City of Gold”. If you want to enjoy a piece of luxury, you can cruise on a luxury yacht. You will be delighted by the view when you cruise through the city. Cruise in the afternoon or at night with music and a buffet – in both cases you will have an amazing experience. For adventure lovers, you can add some spices to this tour by riding a thrilling speed boat around the city’s coast. A piece of advice to those who have motion sickness prone but still want to enjoy the cruise is to take a travel sickness tablet, right one hour before the tour. We care about you, and we want everyone to have enjoyment in their life.

Other Fun Activities:

Dubai is a place full of adventures. It is a hub for adventure lovers – from the desert roaming to sky diving. An adventurer can experience a lot of things on a Dubai tour. You can do sky diving from the tallest building, Burj Khalifa, experience an underwater world, bungee jumping, water parks, go-karting, skiing in summer, and a lot more. Dubai offers many varieties of adventures to thrill-seekers. If you are an adventure seeker, then it is a great option to give Dubai a chance. What, you are not an adventurer? Even if you are not an adventure seeker, there are still a lot of things that you can still do such as cruising, experiencing the rain forest at Green Planet, exploring Palm Jumeriah, visiting the Dubai Miracle Garden or Dubai Butterfly Garden, swimming with the shark in an underwater zoo, and much more.

No doubt about it, Dubai has gained so much popularity in past few years. And all the credits go to its innovations over time. Through its innovation, Dubai made a lot of tourist attractions which draw the attention of people from all over the world.   According to the blog of Global Media Insight, 11.4 million people from all over the world visit Dubai from January to October 2022. The only reason for it was the variety of tourist attractions. They made this for adventure seekers and peace seekers.

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