Dubai Foods Diaries – Non-Vegan dishes to try

Planning to visit the ultimate tourist hub? In the 21st century, tourism in Dubai really boomed up. Millions of tourists are visiting Dubai every year. According to the case study by Global Media Insight, 11.4 million international tourists were reported in Dubai from January to October 2022. A lot of tourists come here to seek a new adventure while some visit Dubai for inner peace. Either way, Dubai is a great place for both personalities.

As we discussed, millions of tourists visit Dubai, and it doesn’t make any sense to visit there and doesn’t even try the delicious Dubai foods. Dubai is also famous for its Cuisine. Dubai Cuisine is a combination of Iranian, Lebanese, and Arabic cuisine. This distinctive combo will leave you and your family and friends craving for more. Whether you are passing by or at any restaurant, you won’t be able to resist those mouth-watering food. This experience will surely be delightful for you. Foodie or not, doesn’t matter, you can’t ignore the delicious flavours of Dubai Cuisine. The tantalising aromas of Dubai’s spicy dishes will surely give you a foodgasm.

Dubai has everything for every kind of foodie – from vegetarians to non-vegetarians. And the list is so long that I can’t even cover up in this blog. In my list, some dishes can feel home-like. Here is my list of amazing foods in Dubai that you should try:


This is for all those pizza lovers. Manousheh is Dubai’s exclusive pizza. If you are looking for Dubai’s speciality, you should consider this. As this is one of the famous Dubai foods. It is a local pizza with a little twist of Dubai’s flavour. For those who are looking for a piquant taste in Dubai, this is the best option for them. Its mouth-watering aroma and unique taste will surely delight your taste buds. The inspiration for this unique pizza came from Lebanese cuisine. In Lebanon, it is a breakfast food and is mostly available in bakeries. The same goes here, in Dubai, it is also a great pick for a delightful breakfast. Manousheh is made by stretching the dough which is filled with toppings like Zatar and ground meat. In the final processing, it sends to the oven after covering it in cheese. Make sure to try this one as it is also popular among the locals. Try the variant of Manousheh with the topping of creamy sour labneh and sweet jam, eggs, and minced lamb, a professional tip. You need approximately 90 AED to enjoy this dish.

Iranian Sangak:

Iranian Sangak is a perfect dish for the bread lover. It is the most well-known dish in Dubai. As the name defines itself, it originated from Iranian Cuisine. If we talk about its popularity, it has earned quite a decent reputation among the locals and tourists. From its delightful taste and amazing reputation, it successfully made its way into the best Dubai Cuisine. Dubai’s restaurants are offering this Iranian-leavened whole wheat flatbread in plain or rectangular form. We all know that bread contains gluten. However, a unique feature of it is that you can also try the gluten-free version of it. This famous dish should be on your must-try list when visiting Dubai. Health-conscious people can also try this dish. Combining wheat flour, all-purpose flour, and yeast makes this luscious dish. Try it with basil and Bulgarian feta. This dish cost around 16 AED.


Are you a rice lover and looking for unique variety and taste? Then, this dish is just for you. Majboos is a pilaf-like rice dish and originated in the Saudi Arab. However, it is full of flavours and mildly spiced. It is common in all GCC countries. And Every GCC country has their variants of this dish. On the contrary, it shares the same essence. This recipe is passed on from generation to generation which makes it popular among them. As it is popular among the people of Dubai, many visitors enjoy this luscious dish as well as locals. The dish contains rice filled with meat and a distinct flavour of Arabian spices and some vegetables. You can see this dish prominently during the holy month of Ramadan at Iftar meals. For a rice lover, this should be on the top of the list. The price of it varies differ depending on the meat.

Stuffed Camel:

Dubai is a desert oasis. When we talk about a desert, the most common thing that comes to our mind is “Camel”. As the camel is well-known as the Ship of Desert, it is also famous for its luscious taste of meat in Dubai’s locals. Because of its delicious taste, they made a dish name “Stuffed Camel”. Stuffed camel is one of the famous traditional foods of Dubai. It is a luxurious and celebratory dish of Dubai foods. Being a luxury item, it is served only at the time of special occasions. The Guinness World Book of Records declared this as one of the largest foods you can eat worldwide. Stuffed camel can be filled with chicken, eggs, fish, and many more and cooked on a spit over an open flame. The item can cost you more than 1500 AED. But if you are with a group of foodies, then it is worth trying. So, if you are planning your trip, don’t miss this dish.

Chelo Kabab:

All Arab countries are known for their meaty dishes. Chelo Kabab is known as a meaty dish and is exclusively available in Dubai. So, if you are looking for the best food in Dubai, go for a Chelo Kebab. This is the best and most optimistic option for both meat and rice lovers. No one can resist this when it is served with the aroma of basmati rice, scented with saffron and kababs with butter on it. It is a famous mouth-watering food in Dubai. You must try this delicious non-vegan dish. It holds a taste from out of this world. Try this with sour zereshk berries. The average cost of this is approximately 22 AED.


Madrouba is an Arabic which refers to the meaning beaten. The name given to this dish is because, in the last stage of cooking this, the ingredients form a smooth mash as it is beaten together. It is also considered one of the most popular foods. This specific dish has fans in Bahrain and Oman. As the Chelo Kabab, this is also best for rice and meat lovers. Madrouba can be served in many variants such as with lamb, fish, and crushed grains. But the best-known variety is Madrouba with chicken. It is prepared using rice combined with garlic, onion, tomatoes, and seasonings and moderating it with butter. People of any age can enjoy this dish.


When wheat, meat, and a pinch of salt are combined with some hours of baking, it produces a wonderful dish called “Al-Harees”. Al-Harees is a traditional dish of Dubai. This dish is so rich in taste that it can leave you craving for a second helping. You can see this dish more often on special occasions such as during Ramadan, Eid, and weddings. But that doesn’t conclude that you can’t enjoy this delicious dish on normal days. You’ll be amazed at how warm and hospitable the Dubai locals are when you ask them where you would find the best Al Harees. Its popularity made it one of the amazing dishes from Dubai cuisine. For those people with a sweet tooth, try it with samon, powdered cinnamon and sugar.  It can cost you approximately 36 AED.


A combination of rice, onions, and meat, seasoned with spices and dried lemon. Does this excite you? Does this increase the craving for eating this? If yes, then Al-Machboos is your solution. Al-Machboos is a dish made from meat, rice and various seasonings and vegetables. This is considered the famous food of Dubai. This dish is so fa0mous that it is also on the must-try list of locals. To enjoy this dish to its fullest, make sure to try raita and salad or serve it on a large platter. Trying this combo will surely give you a heavenly experience as it makes the taste of the dish from out of the world. The price of this varies differ from restaurant to restaurant but you can find it in the range of 20 to 25 AED.

Mandi Dish:

We have gone through so many dishes. Still don’t make up your mind? Then this dish will probably be made up your mind. Mandi dish is very popular because of its piquant scent and luscious taste of it. Even if you ask the locals of Dubai about it, they will recommend you try this. With its piquant scent, it is irresistible and can’t live without giving it a try. This dish consists of rice and meat with spices. This unique combo gives it a very great taste that will delight tastebuds. This dish requires great patience to cook as it requires a long time to be done perfectly. Now in UAE, you can find this dish in the old city and can cost you approximately 16 AED.


Biryani is a common dish that can be found in GCC countries including Dubai and sub-continent regions. This dish originated from Indian Cuisine. It spread from there and spread towards the whole of Asia. Now, this is well-known throughout the whole Asia continent. As it was introduced to so many countries, every country made their variant of it. And Arab including Dubai made it popular with its delicious savoury taste. This dish is made by combining rice and meat with Indian spices. Its strong aroma makes it irresistible to ignore this dish. If you planning to visit Dubai, you should try the Dubai version of Biryani.

Chicken Saloona:

No doubt, Dubai earned a name in the whole world. And this factor attracts people from all over the world and increases the western cuisine in the restaurants of Dubai. Even influx of western cuisine, saloona has its place in the hearts of Dubai’s locals and consider in Dubai Foods. Whenever they discuss it, they proudly feature it as their traditional dish. Chicken Saloona is like a stew. It is popular for its simplicity in preparation, amazing taste, and unique flavour. So, whenever you are in Dubai, make sure to try this. It is served with white rice mixed with chicken pieces, turmeric, grated ginger, olive oil, minced garlic, and various spices. This dish is rich in protein and vitamins. So, for those who are health-conscious and want to taste delicious meat, try this.

Dubai is now becoming a place of must-visit for everyone. Every year millions of tourists come to Dubai for exploration. People also visit for Dubai foods. This is natural, whenever we go somewhere for a trip, we look for unique food items. So, those people who want to explore Dubai, make sure to read this guide. This guide will give you an idea of what to try on your Dubai Trip.

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