5 Most Annoying travelling issues and their solution

I was eagerly waiting for the moment when I could step into the plane and go on the journey of the sky. I remember that day as crystal clear. That was the first foreign tour of my life, and it was a tour to Dubai. My flight was at the12 PM, and I woke up at 7 AM. To be honest, I am a bit of a lazy type. But that day, I was very excited. I guess this was the reason for waking up early. To cut the story short, I reach the airport almost one hour before the flight. I was happy that I somehow managed to make it on time. But, the tragic moments begin from this point onward. After that point, I face several travelling issues.

First thing first, I forgot my cell phone, a most basic need in nowadays life. I leave it as it is because I have to choose between a long-awaited journey or a piece of nuts and bolts. When our plane was about to take off, the turbulence caused me motion sickness. And, of course, I vomited a few times. After the not-so-pleasant journey, I face issues like whom can I ask directions for, eating good food and many more. This was my first travelling experience, and I faced a ton of travelling issues. This was one of the most bizarre experiences yet, the best one ever.

Tourism is becoming an ambition of every person. Almost everyone wants to travel to a new place. For educational purposes, for business purposes or maybe even just for fun. According to the survey by UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), in the first four months of 2022, tourism increased to 15.9%. I met a lot of people on my journey who were just travelling because it was their desperate wish. And most people like me, face the travelling issue when they are experiencing it for the first time. So, I made this guide for people who are about to travel for the first time. And keep them in your mind as might prove to be useful. The first travelling issue that comes up on our list is:

Cancelled or Delayed Flights:

This is an unusual happening. No one, who is excited about their first journey has ever thought of it. This doesn’t happen so often but it was a tragic moment for first-time travellers. Travellers face issues like this because of factors like:

  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Late for the flight
  • Pilots’ shortage
  • Pilot Strikes, etc.

This also often happens because of delays in reaching the airport or the flight itself. It is not bad to say that the main cause of this issue is transport. No matter where you travel in the world, you cannot say with surety that your transportation will arrive on time or be accurate. Except for Japan’s Bullet train system which has an annual delay of mere seconds. Even in this era of global warming, no one can tell you when the weather is going to be good or bad.


Well, this issue is out of your hand. You can’t do anything about the delay or cancellation of the flight. Avoiding will not be possible. However, we can minimize the chances of this uncertainty by seeking out alternate routes of transport since the main cause is transport. Watch news and weather reports to stay up to date about the current conditions of the weather and the airports. This early preparation will give you an idea of what to do in case of uncertainty.

Forgot essential item:

This one is the worst nightmare of the traveller’s life since this was happed to me too. Imagine being at the airport on the time. But at the time of check-in and your turn to show your passport arrives and *POOF*, the passport is gone. After deep thinking, you realize that it was on the kitchen table. Just put yourself at that point and feel the pain of that poor soul.

Cases like this usually happen to first-time travellers. This considers the most common travelling issue that a traveller can face. People also forget their everyday essential things including mobile phones or chargers, eyewear, audible devices, or even medicines.


This issue can be overcome very easily. To do that, make a list of stuff that you want to take with you. Write everything that you want to take including common things like clothes, bushes, etc. After writing it down, take your suitcase out in which you are going to pack your stuff. Put everything in the suitcase that you have written and double-check it. When you wake up the next morning, check again whether you are missing something or not. Don’t leave it to your memory, it won’t do you any favour.

Currency exchange:

Come on, how are you going to spend the money that you saved up for this tour? If you are going to Dubai, you have to convert your precious dollars into their currency, the Arab Emirati Dirham (AED). The process of converting the currency is called currency exchange. Since the introduction of the internet, exchanging currency has become much easier than ever. Even though it has become easy and fast, each country and region have their process of exchanging currency. Bringing a bundle of cash and crossing your fingers that everything will work out may not be your best bet. Travelling with so much money on hand may also raise safety concerns in some regions.


Check with your home bank to discover what possibilities you have for your desired location. In rare situations, you can use a debit card at an ATM overseas for free. Some banks also convert money for you before you leave if you request it ahead of time, so you have some cash to get through the first few days of your vacation.

Know about the food:

According to me, this is a must-know part of tourism. You should know where and how you can get food in other countries. For example, if you are visiting Dubai, you should which thing is good and from where you can get it. It’s a silly approach to visit a new place and find something that is also available in your country. You come to a different, you should try their cuisine and add unique dishes to your eatery inventory. Yet, this is a common travelling issue. People care about hygiene more than taste. If you are visiting a well-developed country, then you should enjoy the tour carefree. But in the case of water-scarce regions, you should do the research on where you find hygienic food and water. If you are looking for things to eat in Dubai, check out our list of dishes for both vegans and non-vegans.


If you’re participating in an organised travel programme, such as study abroad or a language school abroad, you’ll have plenty of resources to inquire about safe food and water sources. Your hotel or host family can also provide insight into if food and water are good or not. When in doubt (say, you’re completely off the grid), stick to prepared food and beverages.

Knowing local emergency protocols:

For every traveller, this should also be on the must-know things on everyone’s list. Everyone should know the number of emergency protocols for the visited country. Or else you will also end up in the situation of dialling 911 in Dubai. There was a certain incident that happened in front of me which left me no choice but to call the police. That’s how I ended up dialling 911 in Dubai. No one knows when the bad time come. So, to be prepared for such scenarios, it is the best approach to know about the number of respective countries’ emergency protocols. I know travelling is a fun part of life but the worst times won’t come telling. Having a number of emergency protocols can save you from various travelling issues.


When you land at your desired destination, ask the SIM card provider to enter the emergency protocol’s numbers. If you are facing issues like the language barrier, it is better to approach your embassy or consulate. They will know how to talk with them. Your embassy will act as a middleman between you and the locals and also help you by providing medical services.

Visiting a new place is a whole another level of thrill. Nothing can beat that thrill. I do experience this by myself. But there are a lot of challenges that you have to face if you are a first-timer. I hope this guide will help in your first journey and make it pleasant for you. And one more thing before I end up. If you are organizing your first trip, my personal suggestion would be to visit Dubai. One of my friend suggested me to explore Dubai. I hope your first journey would be pleasant.

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